Automated fuel metering system on a rig

Software and hardware solution for drilling and oilfield services companies

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Tehnodar Group of Companies offers drilling and oilfield services companies the implementation, support and development of software and hardware solutions for remote automated fuel metering and control of process facilities (drilling pumps, power plants, boilers, fuel depots) and vehicles (fuel dispensers, service buses, tankers, tugs).

Control of fuel operations

  • Automated accounting of diesel fuel and other fuels and lubricants at all stages: acceptance, storage, transportation, delivery, consumption, reserves
  • Monitored facilities performance analysis
Control of fuel operations
  • Monitoring of metering stations and other system elements
  • Designing an automated control system based on the solutions implemented

Fuel accounting at acceptance

Fuel accounting at acceptance
  • Control of the received fuel using metering stations in the fuel receiving areas
  • Prevention of possible abuse by suppliers (underfilling, low-quality fuel)
  • Real-time measurement of fuel mass and volumetric flow, density and temperature
  • Reducing the impact of human factor on the acceptance process
  • Information access both locally and remotely
  • High measurement accuracy - error under 0.1%
  • Process equipment condition monitoring
  • Data transfer to the financial units

Fuel accounting during storage

Fuel accounting during storage
  • Control of current fuel reserves in warehouses and oil storage facilities
  • Prompt information on the fuel composition and condition in tanks
  • Accounting of tank water
  • Prevention of possible overflows and leaks
  • Control of all the fuel operations in the warehouse
  • Data transfer to the financial accounting system

Fuel accounting on delivery

Fuel accounting on delivery
  • Automatic registration of fuel delivery events
  • Identification of fuel delivery operation participants
  • Tracking the operations of gas stations, fuel trucks, oil storage facilities fuel delivery stations
  • Accounting for the amount of fuel delivered and monitoring its condition

Fuel consumption monitoring

Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption by consumers: heat generators, diesel power units, service vehicles
  • Workload and fuel efficiency analysis with regard to external parameters
  • Power generation monitoring (active/reactive power)
  • Consumer operating performance monitoring
  • Remote technical condition diagnostics

ADFMS at BU 5000

Hardware and software platform

  • Remote data access anywhere and anytime via the Internet
  • Data presentation the facility operations for any period of time in the form of charts, reports and tracks with the possibility to print and export.
    • report example 1 • report example 2
  • Differentiation of user categories data access rights
  • Flexible customization of functionality to the user requirements and tasks
  • Free access to software platform updates and new versions
  • Data transfer to management and accounting systems applied in the company

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